My go-to liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are my absolute favourite! I honestly don't remember the last time that I wore just regular lipsticks. I work long hours so I usually gravitate towards something long lasting and stress-free.


Skincare Haul | Priceline & Adore Beauty

Following my skincare routine, I have also been purchasing some new skincare products. When Priceline had their BIG BRAND sale a few weeks back, I took an advantage of the sale and made two trips to Priceline.


My Skincare Routine

I have been struggling with my skin for awhile now, with all the breakouts that I was having. But I am finally happy with the way it is now; even my boyfriend thinks that I was wearing makeup when all I had was my bare face. I used to try all sorts of products and that was probably why my skin was acting up so much. I have kept it to a minimal and only use products that work for me. For reference, I have normal to combination skin that is also sensitive.

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