A weekend away to Grampians

A few months ago, we decided to plan a trip to Grampians. Long story short - this time last year when my sister and I went to Grampians with our boyfriends, I fell sick on the trip. I had a chest infection and had to call an ambulance into our tent at 12AM. To make up for what happened, we decided to go again. We decided this time that we would invite our family and friends, because I miss road trips and going with a big group.


Our Building Journey | Our Pre-Colour Walkthrough Showroom

We booked ourselves in for a pre-colour walkthrough of the showroom on November 5th. We just wanted to prepare ourselves before going into our actual appointment at the end of the month. I have been looking at a lot of inspiration photos and I had a pretty good idea of what colour palette I wanted our house to be. We wanted the house to look clean - so we wanted a lot of grey and white throughout the house.

Regina assisted us with the colour selections and giving us prices. We had a lot of fun going through everything and selecting colours. We definitely feel prepared for our appointment! But of course, knowing me - I'm going to change my mind on the day.

We have our finance appointment with our broker coming up next week which should be good. We are planning to look at display homes again next week before our colour appointment just to get some more ideas! I can't believe how much progress we have made and it's been a really good experience so far. I will definitely update you on our colour selection soon!

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Our Building Journey | Building Seville 28 with Boutiques Home

I thought I would come on here to share some updates with you guys about our building journey! We have been looking at a lot of display homes to see which building company we felt most comfortable with. After narrowing it down to Carlisle, Porter Davis or Boutique Homes, we decided to go with Boutique homes because of their inclusions and their floorplans.

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